Alice Asagiri ch 17

Alice, chapter 17

Alice Asagiri, also called Asagiri Eris, is a deceased female character in the Uwakoi manga. She first appears in chapter 17.

Unlike all or most of the other characters who are Japanese, she is not fully Japanese, but at least part-white due to her blonde hair and blue eyes.


She is optimistic, friendly, and kind, but has a warped personality since her primary interests are getting people to have sex without much reason. She has actually set up a "sci-fi" club at school which is really for "sex friends", and encourages students to go as far as skipping class to have sex. The SF club extends beyond school.

She has talked Yukiteru into joining, and he does not want to originally, but another girl Haume Reona is there and forces him into a threesome with Alice.

She does have a hospitable side, by looking after Rabi, and is headstrong for standing up to her father who was outraged for his engagement with Alice. She was very sympathetic and fond of Rabi, and after he died of cold and hunger, she became twisted and didn't care about real affectionate relationships between anyone, to the point of having sex with boys that had girlfriends.

Hobbies and interestsEdit

Apart from the SF club, none are known.


She has extremely long, blond hair, and blue eyes.


Alice's father ch 23

Alice's father in chapter 23.

Alice lived in a very wealthy family, in a different country to Japan.

Her mother is reserved, nothing more is known about her.

Her father is very aggressive and nasty, especially to those less wealthy than his family.

No siblings are known, presumably there are none.

After the argument between Alice and her father over Rabi, her parents divorced, and Alice moved to Japan.

Death Edit

She commits suicide by jumping off a tall building in the town.

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